This Blogger Bought a New Machine

Yeap, this blogger bought herself a new laptop Acer 5742G, just like the one in the picture above.
My Toshiba Satellite (bought in 2005) asked for retirment, the LCD screen stopped working for good...I had spent so many hours online with it. Lately, it started heating more than usual. Due to high heating the system started crashing more and more often. The graphics processor had a problem too. Sometimes, I couldn´t even watch a music video and couldn´t play games at all.
If you´re interested in checking this laptop´s technical details, here´s a review of Acer 5742 G.
The only thing I miss from my good old friend Toshiba is the sound system which had two Kardon columns, they were a blast comparing to Acer´s one column. I hear a lot of music online and having a laptop with an inferior sound system makes some difference. On the other hand, the graphics processor works very well and I can now play games, watch movies and multitask. Another difference is that Toshiba had XP and Acer has Windows 7.
Until now, I´m pretty satisfied with the new laptop and I think it has a good price /quality relation.

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