Fall & Life Stuff

Hello folks,
We´re still having sunny days in this corner of the world but after returning from my last short weekend trip to Lisbon I decided it was about time to complete that fall clothes cleaning I had started a couple weeks ago. It´s amazing how much my daughter grew in these past couple years, she´s needing a sort of "wardrobe makeover".
So, besides the everyday chores and because life isn´t only about work...My short trip was very nice!
It was quite an adventure driving in downtown´s Lisbon at night. I had not done that for such a long time. I didn´t expect so much traffic for a Sunday but I managed to arrive on time for Mr Murphy concert.
This concert was special for me, another dream came true... something I long wanted to do but never had the chance to. So, needless to say I enjoyed every bit of it. I´m happy, I had a great time, it will remain in my good moments memories forever.
This week, I´ve been slowly catching up on the blogosphere. My food blogs and Personal Finances readings will be the next focus of my attention.
See you soon xx

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