Blogger Status: Weekend Off

This last week passed quickly and I´ve been blogging everywhere except Night Clicks and my food blog so... tonight I´m doing a little catch up post.
"Life goes on" was this week´s mantra for me as a few endings took place.
One of this ending was my digital hp camera, it stopped capturing pictures for good. I guess things never chose a good time to break as I don´t know when I´ll be able to replace it and I´m a bit sad about this event because my blogging is not the same without some pictures. On the positive side, maybe this is an opportunity to buy a real camera like a Canon, learn more about photography and improve my photographer skills :)
The picture above, which I found on this blog, means that not only this blogger is having a weekend off from blogging but also that my post´s pictures (taken by me) will be on a "blogging break" for a while :)
Hope you have a good weekend xx

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