PR Updates

Today, I noticed that uncle G. did PR updates.
I can still remember last year´s Christmas "gifts" from big G., most of my blogs remained with the same PR. This year, my new info domain gained a modest but welcome PR 1 and most of my other blogs remained with the same PR.
I must confess that this year I haven´t done much link building. In fact, for some blogs I haven´t done any link building at all. This means that I can´t expect any improvements if I haven´t "worked" for them.
This update brought some changes to my blogs. From what I saw today using a free PR checker tool Night Clicks is now a PR2 instead of PR3. I´m not surprised with this reduction because I know that I have more links out than in. I think links are "the" big weight factor in the total result of the equation.
On a positive note my Personal Finances blog dot com domain, which has been PR2 for some time, is now PR3.
My Glass Art blog passed from PR3 to PR2 but this doesn´t influence my earnings from that blog because the biggest chunk comes from advertising revenue.
I still have to check my other blogs but I´ll do that later tonight. Right now I´m off to the mini-market.
See you soon xx

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