BGM – Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog or website about finances or business related and you are looking for ways to monetize it, there are different options out there but in sum they all revolve around selling products or services with or without affiliate marketing and advertising.
Perhaps advertising is the most common way to monetize a website because it´s easy to implement and requires little effort from the webmaster while selling and finding good leads are more difficult to do.
If you´re interested in one International affiliate network related to finances, check out Blue Global Media.
Blue Global Media (from now on referred as BGM) is an Arizona based affiliate network founded in 2006. This company specializes in financial affiliate marketing and offers campaigns such as loans, cash advance affiliate program, which is the same as Payday affiliate, and credit reports.
As all affiliate Networks, BGM goal is to maximize earnings both for affiliates and advertisers. As all affiliate schemes, after signing up they supply the advertising tools you need to work and you earn money for each lead you provide them.
If you have a website about financial topics, expertise in this area or would like to try out this opportunity just click in any of the links in this post and you will be directed to this company´s website. By the number of campaigns I saw on their website, they are probably one of the top International affiliate networks working with this finances´ niche.

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