And Life Goes On...

Hello folks,
Life goes on for sure...and we´re already on another Christmas season.
These cold nights invite me to spend more time at home and guess what? I have been going to sleep earlier. For some reason, (and maybe my body is still recovering from the previous kidney infection episode) this "night owl" has been sleeping much more.
So, the shopping "madness" has begun here, we´re supposed to be in a big economic crisis but malls are puzzles me. Plus, people seem to get more excited and sometimes crazy...driving and such.
We haven´t set our Christmas tree yet, a "tradition" I keep in my house, but my daughter is already talking about it.
As you probably noticed in my posts, I´m not into the "consumption" Christmas (anymore). More and more, such holidays have become just another day for me... it became a kid´s season and another opportunity to be in family.
The best part of it all is we get some days off to rest (or not) :)
I haven´t blogged much these days, but I do publish something on fb almost every day. Weird phase I´m going trough...hope the new year "energizes" me to keep up all my online projects ;)
See you soon xxx

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