Student Life

I´m posting a "student life" message to let everyone know that I finished my school report and I gave it to my teacher today. Ufff...what a relieve!
I had been working "non-stop" in this report for the last weeks, and know it´s done, 150 pages of hard work and many sleepless nights. Now I just have to wait to know the results.
To finish university I still have to do an investigation project, which we call "Monografia". It´s almost the same as a dissertation. Most of my colleagues do both reports this year but they´re not married or have kids, like I do, they just "live for it" and do nothing else. Once I started working in part-time I now have less time and I decided to split this last year in two. This way I can spend some quality time with my daughter and husband, help her in studies, take care of my flat, work in part-time and do many other things I didn´t do this last six years.

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