Blogger Status and Advertising Updates

My blogger status for this week is very busy... as usual since I started working:)
Recently I mentioned in a post that I was looking for Advertising options. I found Vadpay trough another blogger in Entrecard and I´m using this advertising network in My Country Home, my blog about saving money to build our first own house. If you never visited this other personal journal I have, check it out!
For now I´m just trying this option to see how it works, at least the minimum payout is $10.00, much less than other companies. They have both Pay per Click and Pay per 1000 impressions campaigns.
Finally, I signed up, trough Rachel from to see how it works. Thanks Rachel for all the good advice.
I´ve been working in my other blogs, updating and trying to improve them. Arte em Vidro, my portuguese blog which was blessed with PR3 in the last update, had in July an average of 140 visitors per day. Most traffic is from search engines, which is very good, considering the blog has been updated more frequently only in the past three months. Curiously, my Alexa hasn´t improved much with this ammount of traffic, in contrast to Night Clicks (with less traffic has better Alexa). I think it´s because most people don´t have Alexa toolbar installed. So, let´s see how long this big G traffic lasts...I´ll do my share in updating, keywords and linking, but nothing is granted in the blogosphere.
I have adsense in this blog since June and yesterday I´ve added two affiliate programs related to the content, once again, to see how it works. I will discuss the info about this in a future post. For now this are all experiences, I´m trying the CTPM formula/idea to see if it works for me.
If every blogger has a dream, mine probably is to become an infopreneur, chique, isn´t it? Well, back to reality, July is ending, it´s time to make a balance of the month and think in my sweet vacations.
See you soon.

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