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For a website or blog to rank well, the SEO homework must be done. There are several issues to consider, linking strategie, optimization, and even post tittles and images are important.
To optimize a blog you need to make an effective use of keywords in posts, tittles and tags. It takes time to do keyword analysis, but sometimes this effort is worth considering. I came across two free resources that might be useful.

The first resource I´d like to mention is a freeware software called Good Keywords. In, you´ll find some keyword tools you can download and use to improve your in page factors and post tittles or, for example, to search for a new name for a blog.

If you need a Keyword Analizer, or KWAN, you can find a "conservative approach" tool in:
Mar Matthias is a blogger I recently meet trough Entrecard and he built this tool himself. So, if you want to find out how your site looks in the eyes of the search engines take a look at this tools. They might help you decide which words you need to use more to optimize your posts according to the keywords you´re trying to rank for.

After checking this tools, if you think you need a more complete software you can check out Wordtracker, they have free trials. To visit Wordtracker, if you like, I´ve got a member´s banner on my sidebar.
See you soon.

5 comentários:

Online Backup said...

Thanks for this post and sharing this useful information to us mate!
I will analyse this tool more closely now since im doing keyword tracking for my websites!

Mizé said...

Hi. You´re welcome.
Good keywords is a free tool but as all freeware has some limitations.
Wordtracker is a more advanced tool but it´s only free for a trial. Good luck to you too. Icebackup is a pro site, well designed.

The moaning blogger said...

Hi mize, i will check it out, ive been meaning to optimize keywords, cheers, mick

Mizé said...

Hi moaning blogger. Thanks for visiting. Hope these tools are useful to you. Could you guive some feedback after using them?

The moaning blogger said...

I will check them out, and i will post some feedback, cheers, mick..