Healthy Lifestyle

While visiting other blogs, I came across several sites about fitness, dieting and healthy lifestyle. This are all topics that started to interest me more.
I guess I realized that the three of us need to change some aspects of our lifestyle.
Last weekend we went shopping in Jumbo mall. I went there to buy my daughter a new pair of sneakers so we went to the sports store. After buying the snickers my daughter asked me if she could look around, which I agreed. I took a look at the pool swimming suits because I need to buy a new one.
After a while, I started looking for my daughter but couldn´t see her anymore. I started to stress and call her loud when I heard her voice. She was in the treadmill´s section having fun while trying them out. She said she would love to have her own treadmill to exercise at home, which I think it´s a very good idea, once she´s a bit overweight.
Exercise and healthy food combined are the best diet method. When done properly this combination can provide excellent results.
My daughter asked us for a new bike too but this idea of hers made me think it would be a good thing to buy a treadmill and not only for her but for the three of us.

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