Problems Commenting: Found a Solution

Recently, I wrote a post about the fact that I couldn´t comment in some blogs. If you didn´t read it, you can check it now.
I found that this problem happens when I use Firefox browser but not when I use Internet Explorer. With IE all my comments are accepted, the forms recognize I´m logged in my G. account.
This problem happened mostly in Blogger but not with Wordpress blogs.
I guess I got the answer. Firefox and blogger are not compatible, guess I don´t need to add more, right?
Anyway, I´m used to make drops with EC toolbar, but if I keep using this method, I can´t leave comments. Gotta work a way around this.
A Good Night to all.

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Babette said...

Hi Mize, are you using an Add-On in your Firefox browser? If you're using some kind of no-script then you need to change the options to allow so you can leave comments. I'm using Firefox right now.

Laane said...


I've recently changed to firefox, but I'm not experiencing any probnlems except for some sites which have all sorts of protection codes on, including no right click, and use bravenet login.

Liza said...

i'm not really sure if it's because of firefox, i've encountered the same problem too. a blogger friend told me that it's because of the blog's comment settings, the best to use is the pop-up comment window like the one you're using.

The Modern Mom

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks all for commenting.

Babette: Thanks. I didn´t know that add-on or browser setting could interfere in comments. I have to check my settings to see if it solves the problem.
Thanks again.

Mizé said...

Laane: I´ve been using Firefox for almost a year now but never noticed this problem before. I notice now because of Entrecard blogs.
I´ve seen those blogs with Bravenet login, can´t comment either.
The captcha thing bloggers use doesn´t annoy me much, with so many spammers out there, it´s understandable.

Mizé said...

Hi Liza.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic. I´m glad to know I´m not the only one encountering this problem.
If the problem is what you mention, there´s nothing I can do and it´s a pity because this way I can´t comment.
Well, If I had a way to be sure, I could write a post about it to let others know, but that´s quite all.
A good weekend.

Mizé said...

Liza: I´m not so sure about that being the problem. I just used IE to comment in some blogs with no problem. It´s only when I use Firefox.