Intuitive Time and Attendance Software

In nowadays speedy markets, effective time management skills are very important for a company to succeed. Companies of all sizes need to manage well employee time and attendance issues.
In a company environment time management can be a difficult task without appropriate tools.
If you run a company, no matter what size, there are user friendly software solutions, from Softwaretech, that can help you manage time effectively: Softime, TimeKron, and HR.
Softime is a complete employee attendance management that allows you to set-up, track and maintain up to 24 classifications of time (illness, vacation, etc.) and has a very useful feature to schedule absences.
Softime software is available in three separate versions designed for small, médium, and enterprise sized companies.
TimeKron is a tool that collects and manages employee work time trough timesheets, on-screen punch clocks, biometric hardware, and custom web pages.
HR software is a system to store and retrieve important employee information which is flexible and easy to use. This employee management system combines full Human Resources functionality with the latest advancements.
You can download a demo to try the software before you buy or watch a video demonstration in: If you download the free demo you can check by yourself that this software is very useful and easy to use.
The picture below is an example of the calendar´s interface:

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