Night Clicks October Top Entrecarders

Hi everyone.
This month, I´m posting my list of fellow featured Entrecarders a little later but, as we say here, better late than never.
I´d like to thanks All Entrecarders that visit and comment in my blogs, specially Night Clicks. October was a good blogging month for me. I forgot about being shy and wrote more comments. I´m doing my best to return all drops and comments but time is a tricky b...
As I mentioned last month, from now on, I´ll also show my appreciation to frequent advertisers:


Hey! Mathias and Onlinebingolady, Check out my sidebar!

Make Money Work Online
What About Blog
Happy Life

Advertisers I´d like to Thanks:

Unpredictable Life

The Lady Programmer

Freaky Frugalite

Nicktay & Sarafoo

A Special Thanks, because you ladies rock:

~ A Moment to Exhale

~ Random Thoughts

~ Our Journey to Forever

~ Babette's Definitely Maybe


7 comentários:

Mira said...

Thanks so much Mize for the linky love, I appreciate it a lot ;-) I love visiting and reading your blogs, you rock too girl! LOL.

Mizé said...

Hi Mira, caught you online!
I still have that problem with the comment forms in your blogs (and all the others that use this type) and I don´t know how to fix it. Help!
I want to comment in your blogs!
The link love is the minimum I can do, I will sure share more...
You ladies make my online nights "brighter".

Gem said...

You're welcome.. :-)

Scotty's Princess said...

Wow! Thanks for this, Mize!!!! You rock twice as much! I'd love to come back here more often. I hope I could be your No. 1 Dropper in November, I'll try harder, LOL!

All the Very Best,

Chrystal K. said...

Congrats on a good month of blogging!

cheth said...

Hi there :) I’ve plans for a blog contest for this Christmas and New Year, also looking for sponsors it would be great if you were interested in it. Thanks Have a good day

Mar Matthias Darin said...

Thank you for the spot on the side bar. It is greatly appreciated.