Blog Traffic - 370 EC Drops to Reciprocate in One Day

When I joined Entrecard, last July, I had no idea about the amount of traffic this blogger´s community could generate. In the first two months, I didn´t take it very seriously, I only did 150 daily drops with Night Clicks account and received 1/3 back.
During October, I started visiting EC blogs more frequently but it was only in November that I reached 300 daily drops with Night Clicks account. I also commented more and my effort´s result was clear: I had more reciprocate drops and comments.
This Tuesday, I started dropping in the morning but at night, when I returned to EC to finish my daily round I had 370 drops to return!
Now this is a problem I didn´t have before. I can only make 300 drops and I feel guilty if I don´t reciprocate. All I can say is sorry to those that visited my blog but didn´t get a drop back.
If this happens again I don´t know what to do. How to manage this situation is something that I still have to figure out.
Can you share your experiences on this topic?

2 comentários:

capybara said...

I actually don't drop from my inbox but have a drop list of 300 sites in 30 folders of ten who I drop on daily including you recently added. I find that this system works well for me as I weed out the non reciprocators and replace them with sites that do reciprocate. This system works well for me as I am always in the top five of the Travel Category. I should feel guilty about not reciprocating on my inbox drops, but at the end of the day it is all about maximum exposure.

Mariuca said...

Hi dear, I sometimes feel guilty too when faced with this situation. What I usually do is to drop the first 250 on those in my Inbox (first come first serve basis) and then the other 50 will depend on my mood for that day. It could be a new blog I've never visited or a nice looking EC card or it could be some of my usual faves. :):):)