Download Free Games for Nitendo or Convert it into an iPod/Video Player

Nintendo is a video game device that most kids like. My daughter has been asking to have a Nintendo since last year´s Christmas.
I didn´t buy her one yet because it has limited functions and I know that games are expensive, comparing to Pc games. What I didn´t know is that I can download free Nintendo games from the Internet or turn it into an iPod/Video player using one R4 DS flashcard.
R4 DS is a new flashcard for the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite that enables her to play free games downloaded from the Internet but also extends it´s usage because it can be converted into an iPod or a video player. If I buy her one Nintendo with a flashcard she´ll be able to play games, listen to her favorite mp3 tunes or watch movies anywhere.
I think one R4 DS is a good deal for Nintendo owners, you can find it on sale at for only $19 with free shipping. You can check the sale here:

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