Cool Custom Avatars

I often visit fellow bloggers and I noticed that some of them have very cool avatars. I never used an avatar for my blogs but I wouldn´t mind having one.
My favorite avatar type is a cartoon but I just found that I can create avatars from pictures.
If you visit Mrstoon website you can have your own custom avatar from a photo of yourself or a friend. This website offers a service in which you can have avatars made from a picture, hand-drawn or cartoon type.
To have your own avatar you need to upload your favorite picture and they´ll make it for you in 72 hours. You´ll receive your custom avatar in your email or mobile phone and then you can use it on your websites or as a profile picture on Twitter, MSN messenger, MySpace and more.
If you´d like to win a free avatar you can participate in the twitter contest that Mrtoon is holding at:

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