My High Heels Experience

In 1998, I had an accident and broke my ankle joint in both sides. This accident was the most pathetic thing that ever happened to me.
I went out for dinner to celebrate a friend´s birthday and decided to dress up to the occasion. I was wearing a very neat brown suit and a pair of new high heel shoes.
After dinner I was walking home with my husband when I feel on the street. No, I didn´t have too much to drink, lol. I just lost balance because I was wearing high heels and wasn´t used to the new shoes. The result of this accident was three operations in the space of one year. This happening was very dramatic to me because I had to quit my job at the post office for over one year.
Since this accident happened, I avoided using high heels because I was traumatized with the experience. I started using only comfortable shoes and boots like those you can find at Jildor Shoes: Well, my adoration for ugg boots and shoes is another long story.
If you like wearing comfortable shoes you know they´re not always easy to match with nice outfits. I try my best to match colors but I have a hard time finding the models I like in my size. I also prefer leather to other materials.
And you, care to share your high heels experience?

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MarlyMS said...

That's sad. I haven't had a bad experience with high heeled shoes. I hope your feet is fine now.

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Monica said...

Hi Mize! I love wearing high heels.. can’t help it ;-)

Monica said...

oh btw, you've been tagged! ;-)