PR Updates: Again?

I just read in a friend´s blog, Ditesco, that G is doing PR updates.
Recently, there were PR updates. To be exact they occurred in the first days of April and June.
At that time, I wrote posts about it because I had noticed changes in some of my EC fellow´s blogs. You can read my previous posts: Night Clicks PR Updates and Night Clicks About PR Updates.
Now, more updates puzzles me, three times in such a short period of time is something I wasn´t expecting.
Will Night Clicks keep it´s current PR?
I don´t know but I hope so. I haven´t focused much in getting links. This simple blog is what I call my central office and the one from which I earn the most in reviews. This isn´t a secret, I´ve mentioned this several times before. I do blog only for fun in other blogs, not here.
Lets see what happens. If I notice any changes in my blogs I will sure post about it.
See you soon :)

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Mariuca said...

I see NC is still a PR3 yes Mize? Good! Mariuca is still 4 and MD is still 3 and unfortunately, MPG is still a big fat 0! ;)