Blogger Status: A Day Off & Some Frustrations

Hello everyone.
After two night shifts in a row, I´m home for a day off which will be tomorow. Sunday, I will work 4 hours in the morning and then another busy week will start again.
Today, at work, I had a small accident. I slipped in the stairs and fell down. I was lucky because I feel on my back and didn´t get very injured. My back is hurting a bit and I bruised my arm. I think I will be Ok after some rest.
Yesterday it wasn´t a good day either, I had a "small" conflit with one of my co-workers. She started screaming at me with no reason and I got so furious that I had to make a "time out", otherwise I think I would start screaming at her too. I hate when people scream at me out of the blue and unfairly.
After 3 months in this job, it´s the first time I had a conflict. The co-worker that yelled at me is from Russia, she´s younger than me and has a bad attitude towards work and older collegues. I don´t like rude co-workers, specially when they disrespect others.
Today, I had to let my chief know what happened. She would know it anyway, so I prefered to let her know what happened myself. I´m sure this story won´t end here but I´d rather lose the job than letting a co-worker step on me. Who does she think she is?
Apart from this "Friday Frustrations", I have other things to worry and won´t let this beat me down. Right now, I have so much stuff I want to do online. I want to update my Portuguese blogs, continue writing posts for my new domain blog and visit fellow bloggers. I´ll be online a good part of the night trying to do all I want.
I promissed my daughter we would go swimming tomorow. I´m thinking about going to Loulé´s public swimming pool, it´s bigger and not that expensive.
See you around :)

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Empty Streets said...

oh my, let me at her and let's give here a good smacking :) oh well hope your weekend is at least restful :) here is something to cheer yah up :)

Tag your it :) check it out here :)

:) enjoy - not too frustrated now ok - that causes wrinkles hehehe :)

Mariuca said...

Mize!! Enjoy ur weekend sweetie. Am getting ready to go out too, do a little shopping and have a nice dinner out. Hugs! :)

Mizé said...

Hi Metz,
Only you to make me laugh :):)
She deserved a good smacking because her attitude was very childish and not a bit professional but I promissed myself to be peaceful at work, lol.
After having bad thoughts about her, I feel on the stairs. A sort of punishment, lol.
Double tagged again :)
You guys are great! Thanks for being there.
I already released my frustration, no wrinkles for me please, lol.
Enjoy your weekend too xxx

Mizé said...

Hi Marzie,
Enjoy your dinner sweetie!
I bought a grilled chicken out and did no cooking this Saturday night.
Felt really good and left me time to put other things in order.
Good Sunday dear,