My Daughter is Sick

Hello everyone,
Last Wednesday, my daughter´s teacher called me and told me that my daughter wasn´t feeling well. It was my day off so I picked her from school right away. She had an headache and fever. I went to the pharmacy, bought antipyretic and started medicating her. At night, I cooked chicken soup but she didn´t eat because she couldn´t swallow.
The next day, I took her to her babysitter´s house while I went to work. When I picked her up she wasn´t feeling better so I took her to the hospital. She was diagnosed amigdalitis and started taking antibiotic yesterday night. Today, I had to miss my morning shift to take care of her. She´s feeling better now but has to stay home until the fever drops.
Since I started working, last April, it´s the first time I miss my job. I feel a little guilty but I have no choice. Besides her dad, which currently is away, I don´t have anyone to look after my daughter when she´s sick. Her health is way more important to me than my job but I need to work too.
Once my vacations will start next Monday, I´m willing to work one shift to compensate today. Maybe my chief will agree.
See you soon.

3 comentários:

MarlyMS said...

Hi Mize, I hope your daughter feels better soon.

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Allena said...

hi Mize! I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she's feeling better now. God bless!!!

Mariuca said...

Hey sweetie, hang in there... must be tough to juggle a sick daughter and working at the same time. This will pass and soon u will get some time to relax again, hugs! :)