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If you have been thinking about moving your blog from a free platform to your own domain but you´re not sure which company to choose, you can look for advice in a web hosting directory.
There are so many companies offering web hosting services on the market and each one provides different plans and prices so it can be a bit confusing for someone who is just starting out.
If you´re new to hosting plans, you´ll find that the hosting directory linked in this post aggregates useful information about the best web hosting providers. You can also find ratings, reviews, other users comments, articles and news to learn more about this topic.
In my case, I was still a newbie when I first decided to buy my own domain so before buying any hosting plan I had to take the time to read articles and all the information I could find online. And that´s how I learned the little I know. I found that the articles offered by a hosting guide were the most helpful for a beginner like me.

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